The Savior did not intend to take Peter on a surface journey.

The same is true for you.

The miracles He intends to perform will not happen in shallow water.

To accept the invitations, you can no longer be content with where you are.

It will require lifting the anchor…

Here is where your journey begins.

God knows who you are. He can help you discover the potential He sees in you.

Peter thought he was just a simple fisherman until he started accepting invitations from the Lord.

What if you were to accept those same invitations?

What could your life become?


The miracles the Lord intends to perform will not happen in shallow water. To accept this invitation, you can no longer be content with where you are. It will require lifting the anchor. What is one way you could make a deeper commitment to accept the invitations from the Lord?

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Nets can be so entangling. Yours might not be a fishing net, but it will be just as difficult to walk away from. Are you everything you could be? What is holding you back?

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Do you know what it is to doubt? Have you ever felt afraid? When was the last time you approached the Lord soaking wet and windblown? This invitation requires getting out of the boat, stepping into the water, and reaching for the Lord, even in the great storms of life. How could you do that today?

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You may feel like you are in a desert place. It may seem as if the time for a miracle is far passed. Perhaps you question if what you have to offer is enough. With Him, how could it not be? Give Him all that you have to offer. He will bless it. He will make it more.

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Are you going to accept one of these invitations today?
We would love to have you join the journey.
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Will You Accept the Invitation Challenge?

Reading #ThePeterPotential@saeedrahbaran @dirtybusiness #thepeterpotential #discoverthelifeyouweremeanttolive This is the official handbook for all things PeterThis has, by far, been one of the very most heartbreaking weeks (the most?) of my life. The reminder that my life has a purpose and there is a reason for it all is much needed. #thepeterpotential #youaremore #eternalworth #daughterofaking #lds #imamormonElle is so excited she just found her dad's and @Emilybellefreeman book at Deseret Book! She wishes she could read. #thepeterpotentialThis past weekend has been a very spiritual one for me. It started a couple of weeks ago when we decided to pray over some things and for The Lord to bless what we had and to make it more. And He did! I think I needed that miracle to get me through the last few days. I have been uplifted by so many kind words and prayers of people around me. I felt completely at peace... Until yesterday. I let my doubts creep back in and started to worry and worry. My mom sent me a boom a few days ago called Love this! #thepeterpotential #ShareGoodness

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